About MineOS CRUX

a completely managed, self-contained minecraft server linux distro

MineOS is a Linux distribution designed for the sole purpose of hosting Minecraft worlds. It comes complete with web-admin interface, SSH interaction, and SFTP capability for easy filesystem access.

MineOS is created and maintained by
William Dizon - wdchromium at gmail dot com
First edition made public on July 15, 2011.

MineOS home page: http://mineos.codeemo.com/

This Linux distribution is designed from
crux linux 2.7
in GNU GPL v3.0
All content on this website is released as GNU GPL 2.0 as well,
so please cite accordingly and contact me if you have any questions
or concerns on usage/derivatives.

CRUX Linux home page is: http://crux.nu/

A copy of the GNU GPL can be found on the disc:
/root/gpl-3.0.txt or online at

Minecraft is copyright 2009-2011 Mojang AB.

As per Markus Persson's request from Minecraft's website,
this Linux distro does not contain ANY Minecraft files.
The scripts are, however, designed to download/update
files directly from the source: http://minecraft.net

These terms can be seen at: http://minecraft.net/copyright.jsp