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There is a lot of functionality many admins will want for their server that is not necessarily needed by all those deploying MineOS. An addon is a simple script that will download, build, and install a piece of software. Follow the complete instructions for each addon on its wiki page. Please note, these addons only work for MineOS CRUX and are provided as convenience scripts--they are not the only way to install pieces of software and other, non-CRUX variants have their own prescribed method to install software.

Updating add-on install scripts

The below addons all have shell scripts in the /usr/games/minecraft/addons which--when run as root--will download and install its respective files from the internet. The shell scripts automate some simple tasks, such as creating users and running the ports system downloader and compiles/extracts the software.

While the addon shell scripts are all-inclusive, I encourage all users to learn what the scripts are doing by reading them and even executing the lines personally, rather than automated-ly. This will give you a much more complete understanding of the tasks involved and the binaries/configurations installed.

If you would like to try out running the ports system manually, first update all the Pkgfiles. This downloads all the files to /usr/ports/mineos, which is the repository for all the MineOS-related packages.

Available add-ons

Addon Description Website
PhpMyAdmin A web-based MySQL administration tool
php-gd A graphics library for PHP
pigmap a Minecraft Google-map renderer
umurmur an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software
phpsysinfo A web-based server information webpage
eXtplorer a web-based File Manager
PhpBB3 A complete forum solution
Hamachi A VPN solution for those with network restrictions

Additional Questions

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