Freebsd enlightenment

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First, begin by installing the Xorg server port.

<syntaxhighlight> cd /usr/ports/x11/xorg make config-recursive make install clean </syntaxhighlight>


Adjust the startup configuration /etc/rc.conf.

<syntaxhighlight> hald_enable="YES" dbus_enable="YES" </syntaxhighlight>


The new Xorg configuration /root/ needs to be edited to fit your hardware.

<syntaxhighlight> Section "Monitor" Identifier "Monitor0" VendorName "Monitor Vendor" ModelName "Monitor Model" HorizSync 30-107 VertRefresh 48-120 Option "DPMS" EndSection

Section "Screen" Identifier "Screen0" Device "Card0" Monitor "Monitor0" DefaultDepth 24 SubSection "Display" Viewport 0 0 Depth 24 Modes "1024x768" EndSubSection EndSection </syntaxhighlight>


Finally, edit the X11 startup script /root/.xinitrc.

<syntaxhighlight> enlightenment_start </syntaxhighlight>