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ifconfig (all lower case), is the Linux equivalent of ipconfig (for Windows), which displays your network adapters' information, and most importantly, the IP address of your server.

ifconfig output

ifconfig output

Diagnosing Problems

Ethernet adapter not found

At least two devices should appear in the output for all configurations, though sometimes more:

  • lo refers to the loopback device, which is on all installations.
  • eth0 refers to the 'first' ethernet device detected, which is most often the physical ethernet adapter.
  • eth1 refers to the 'second' device, which is most often the wireless adapter, but could be your second ethernet adapater.

If eth0 is not listed, it may be that your ethernet adapter is not supported by the MineOS-provided kernel. This typically only occurs in para-virtualization (XEN) environments, as almost all Linux-supported ethernet drivers are included in the MineOS CRUX kernel. Often, disabling para-virtualization of your network adapter should restore normal operation.