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Oracle Java's JRE binaries are already included by default.

  • x86: Oracle JRE 7_u0
  • x64: Oracle JRE 7_u0

Java is installed at: /usr/java/jre1.7.0/bin

The java directory used to call this is: /usr/java-latest which is a symlink: java-latest -> jre1.7.0/bin/

It is recommended you link to /usr/java-latest, as this symlink can then be updated to a new version of the JRE with no updating to Minecraft/other application configurations.

Advantages of separate directory installation

  • It provides the user more insight into the installation
  • Java is installed to a more FHS-like location, /usr/java.
    • provides a cleaner install location (binaries are completely separated from other user binaries)
    • allows multiple java installations (jre/jdk/openjdk) and multiple side-by-side versions