MineOS-on-Ubuntu Installation Screenshots

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Choose your language
Select Install Ubuntu Server
Choose your language
Choose your location
Select 'no' to detect keyboard layout
Choose your keyboard layout
Select your keyboard layout's language
Select your server's hostname
Type in your full name
Type in your desired username (not mc)
Select your password
Confirm your password
Opt to not encrypt your home directory
Confirm your timezone
Partition your hard drive to your own needs--WARNING: your answer here may not necessarily reflect this screenshot, as your partitioning scheme will differ depending on your machine configuration
Skip this prompt by leaving the entry blank
Select your preferred update method
Select OpenSSH and LAMP server
Select your MySQL 'root' password, which is different than your Linux 'root' password
Confirm your MySQL 'root' password
Choose to install GRUB or to skip installing the bootloader--WARNING: your answer will depend on your own system needs and may not necessarily reflect this screenshot
Finish the installation!