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Python is the interpreter used for MineOS, and must be installed before executing the .py scripts.

The Python version included in the ports system is 2.7.1, which is the required version for MineOS scripts (req. Python 2.7.x).

Python can be installed during the initial installation process, or it can be added at any time later, using the Ports system.


Python installation through the ports system requires sqlite3 to be installed first, or else installing Python will not complete.

While Python itself can work without sqlite3 present, the CRUX install scripts includes them by default. Be sure to install sqlite3 first. I highly recommend doing all package installations via the ports system for greatest ease.

Installing from ports x86

Installing from ports x64

Installing from source

  1. CRUX Linux comes with a complete build environment, and thus, any package can be installed via source if you have the desire and the know-how.
  2. Enter the directory for downloaded sources (/usr/src)
  3. Download the appropriate source code for python (Recommended tgz version ~14MB)
  4. Extract the gzipped tarball
  5. Enter tarball directory
  6. ./configure with appropriate arguments
  7. make
  8. make install to install the finished binaries