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0.1.x Initial release


ISO release: 7-15-11

  • Matched first youtube video install: disk,setup,setup-chroot, ./10_help, etc
  • Minorly rewritten python scripts
  • Included 3 kernels: vpc, bloat, and cruxiso


ISO release: 7-18-11

  • Rewritten setup procedure for only: setup
  • Included 1 kernel: generic (based off Ubuntu Server x86)
  • Kernel and LILO automatically installed
  • Removed iptables startup


ISO release: 7-20-11

  • Added ipw2200 firmware
  • Added packages: wireless-tools, libxml2, wpa_supplicant, freetype, ipw2200-fw
  • Added sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches
  • Pruned kernel of unneeded features
  • Included 1 kernel: generic
    • generic-pae will be available as package download
  • Removed some dialogs from setup procedure



ISO release: 7-20-11

  • Added admind (busybox httpd) daemon for webui
  • Added webui files to /var/www/admindocs
  • Added admind to rc.local (may be converted to service/inetd service in future)
  • Revised locations:
    • /home/mc/servers now the hub of all servers (e.g., 'one', 'two', 'pvp')
    • /mnt/ramdisk --bind mounted over /home/mc/servers with use of ramdisk


ISO release: 7-22-11

  • admind changed to a service at startup /etc/rc.d/admind
  • added webui password prompt to initial setup and md5 crypted
  • added ./ modtoggle <world>
  • import tar/zip re-enabled
  • added ./ prune <world> <#>
  • added choices to map each type in 'defaultvars'
  • added servervars_list
  • changed java package to install to /usr/java/
  • added /home/mc/import (import directory for existing worlds)

0.3.x new web-ui


ISO release: 7-28-11

  • massive python script rewrite (
    • includes warning/error logging
    • maps all worlds
    • environment class deprecated
  • dropped admind for hiawatha
  • recreated entire webui, previous web ui retired


ISO release: 7-31-11 a special thanks to SBHouse who is solely responsible for the rigorous playtesting of 0.3.x

  • webui changes (heavy rewrite)
    • added .one() to prevent double clicks
    • added confirmation of click with 'executing...'
    • added server.log reader
  • fixed bug preventing backup/map of renamed worlds
  • implemented iptables by default (22/80/8080/25565)
  • password protected hiawatha (admin/minecraft)


  • added checking of 'level-world' variable in instead of relying on strict 'world'


  • Corrected bug: now listing backups after 0.3.2 'level-world' change
  • Added appropriate version information to
  • Corrected bug: stats page/change properties not displaying


  • Corrected bug: server not creating max heap file at start
  • Added version information of python scripts to
  • Added forcestop server button to
  • Known issue: mapping might not work properly in netherworld
    • temporary fix: c10t failures no longer stop entire mapping process (skips single failure and continues)


ISO release: 8-2-11

  • Added mineos-scripts updating
    • added as a link to the UI
    • downloads which is a bash script remotely located that will execute all update/upgrade processes
    • added as a command: ./ update_mineos
  • Corrected bug: UI unable to rename
  • Corrected bug: editing server.config now shows the active mod as the default selected option


  • Corrected bug: file import did not work if both world locks in place
  • Corrected bug: renaming permitted while server 'up'
    • Snapshots/backups/archive directories also renamed
  • Revised error handling methods with creation of over a dozen custom Exceptions
    • This model should permit easy adding of html-formatted error information
  • Added event.preventDefault() to each URL click to prevent useless blank pages from UI


ISO release: 8-3-11

  • Revamp of web-ui
    • colorized listing of servers
    • created 'about' page
    • added crontab link
    • added standard landing page (index.html pull)
    • removed 'help' page
  • Disabled URL restore for servers currently up
  • Corrected bug: renaming failed and rolled back if server did not have backup/archive/map directory
  • Added crontabs to /etc/cron/(interval)


  • Corrected bug: imported servers were mistakenly identified as defective if 'foreign'
  • Corrected bug: UI create/rename buttons were wrongly handled as javascript events
  • Removed form-submit buttons and replaced with styled <a> anchors
    • Corrected bug: unable to edit server.* files through IE and FF
  • Now displaying respective server name to rename,, and server.config pages


  • Renamed Server logs to Console
    • Added sending commands directly to console
  • Corrected bug: archive/backup/map intervals not accepted through createnew, only through individual pages


  • Added 5 seconds to start time to help reduce frequency of seeing 'unclean' as server status (25 seconds)
  • Changed internal representation of 'mod':
    • Removed 'mod' field from 'create new server' and 'server.config' and replaced with jar name directly
    • 'create new form' / 'update server.config' now populates a dropbox with all found .jar files in the MC_PATH
  • Added 'CanaryMod.jar' default 'nogui' argument
    • Note: any other server mod is acceptable, pending its presence in MC_PATH, but server_jar_args will not be auto-guessed
  • Added 'level-seed' to create function
  • Changed attribute_list function to include empty values
  • Added java_tweaks to server.config editor


  • Revised update() and importworld() code to use tarfile module
    • left archive() alone for use of 'nice'
  • Added disk usage info to server overview
    • Added MineOS /home/mc/* directories
    • Added approximate free space left on '/' to server overview
  • Added 'log_archive' function to gzip server.log (creates gzips archive and empties)
    • Added to archive area of web-ui
    • ./ log_archive <server>

0.4.x finalization of services and OS scripts


ISO release: 8-6-11

  • Created @reboot crontab in anticipation of on-boot autostart servers
  • Replaced .patch system with pre-configured /etc/
  • Added motd
  • Added commented-out wireless config to /etc/rc.d/net
  • Increased hiawatha TimeForCGI to 300
  • Updated to Java7 (x86) and kernel 3.0.1
  • Included rc.conf for no lighttpd/mysql (optable)
  • Cleaned out useless code of initial setup/setup_mineos scripts


ISO release: 8-9-11

  • Removed php/lighttpd from services startup list
    • php/lighttpd can be inserted into rc.conf to enable
    • reduced ram footprint
  • enabled @reboot crontab and created matching / script (script gracefully executes but still requires function writeup)
  • added new section to mineos.config for downloads:
    • true/false to download minecraft jar, bukkit, canary, c10t, etc.
  • added 'canary' to downloadable list, but is off by default
  • added mod-selection page to web-ui (overview page)
  • changed web-ui timestamp listing to report the 'META-INF/MANIFEST.MF' file in each .jar, properly showing build date of jar, rather than atime/ctime
  • updated to Java7 and kernel 3.0.1 (x64)


  • Corrected bug: CanaryMod.jar requires the jar to executed from server directory (created symlink from cwd to mc_path)
  • Changed canary download to ?latest to accommodate future updates of CanaryMod that arent versioned specifically (or just different versions)


  • Enabled crontab [onreboot] functionality 'restore' and 'start' to mineos_console and web-ui
    • Will add [onreboot] fields automatically to server.config if server was created with mineos < 0.4.1


  • Corrected bug: [onreboot] not properly added to server.config if missing (earlier version of server.config)


ISO release: 8-12-11

  • hiawatha now main web server
  • lighttpd webserver removed
  • changed default firewall ports
    • blocked port 8080 in firewall
    • opened port 443 in firewall
  • [onreboot]
    • on reboot-restore, rdiff-backup is '-f'orced
    • Corrected bug: @reboot cron sometimes didn't execute, moved to rc.local
    • Corrected bug: choosing 'restore' or 'start' in [onreboot] didn't save from 'create new page'
  • all logging from web-ui/ accumulated in /usr/games/minecraft/mineos.log
  • enabled canary for download by default


  • fixed typo preventing page display


  • removed support jarfiles from jar listing (such as jarjar.jar and Chunkster.jar)
  • edited server.log display to show only the most recent 200 lines instead of the whole file


  • Corrected bug: command() did not accept commands without an argument (such as 'help')


ISO release: 8-15-11

  • Corrected bug: mysql socket pointing to lighttpd location--did not start from mysqld; corrected my.cnf
  • Renamed /etc/php/php.ini-production to php.ini to work by default
  • Created /root/timezone script for changing timezones server-wide (rc.conf/php.ini)
    • Added timezone script to installer
    • Default is UTC if user skips/fails
  • Added fuse bindings
    • fuse 2.8.5
      • python-fuse 0.2.1
      • sshfs-fuse 2.3
        • glib 2.28.8
          • libpcre 8.10 => 8.12


ISO release: 8-18-11

  • Reworked kernel features
    • Improved sata driver support by selecting more as built-in rather than module
    • Removed tcp stack debugging
    • Added ntfs support
    • Removed random unused modules, e.g., fs ext atttr
  • Colorized BASH shell and prompt
  • Standardized package names for java7/kernel
  • Enabled rsa-key/passwordless connections


ISO release: 8-20-11

  • Added webui username/password script
    • Runs during installation
    • Accessible at /root/runonce/webui
  • Added 'upgrade' option to iso "setup" script.
    • UPGRADE IS STILL IN HEAVY TESTING--do not use on live, production machines yet!
    • There are additional steps not yet automated to complete an upgrade: Upgrade Errata
  • Added iptraf traffic monitoring utility


ISO release: 8-23-11

  • Integrated 0.4.5 known Upgrade Errata into installation ISO 0.4.5a as a post-install script called /root/runonce/fix_permissions (must be run as root upon reboot as advised by setup)
  • Console/Server log page in UI will now auto refresh server.log on submit and <enter> keypress


  • Corrected a bug that prevented foreign (non MineOS CRUX) words from being imported since 'plugins' directory already existed.


  • Known issue: disk space usage per directory fails per line if broken symlink exists
  • Added console support for pigmap


ISO release: 8-29-11

  • Added 'stop all servers' and 'kill all servers' to server overview page and (stopall()/forcestop()
  • created /etc/rc.d/minecraft as alternative route to re/starting servers as 'root' (but properly execute as 'mc')
  • Included pigmap script to /usr/games/minecraft/addons
  • Added http_snapshot_path = /var/www/hiawatha to mineos.config
  • Added s3fs (fuse over amazon) 1.59 to ISO


  • Corrected bug where improperly shut down servers would not restore on reboot due to being unclean
    • Servers set to restore on reboot will automatically be cleaned
  • Corrected bug where pigmap did not gracefully run from absolute paths
  • Included phpmyadmin addon


  • Updated pigmapping so that incremental is always chosen if map already rendered
    • To prevent redundant rendering, be sure to create a backup before pigmapping--incremental renders depend on backup dir


  • Pigmap renderings will be sent to /var/www/hiawatha/pigmap
    • /var/www/hiawatha/pigmap will be created automatically even if pigmap not used


ISO release: 9-1-11

  • Changed MySQL default behavior to allow immediate MySQL connectivity with bukkit plugins
    • added mysqld to hosts.allow
    • allow tcp-ip connections to mysqld
    • added source:localhost to firewall
    • external connections on 3306 are still dropped by the firewall by default; no security risk
  • Fixed timezone script to repeat until good input entered
  • Pigmap now renders every available world in the serverfolder
  • Corrected bug on x64 ISO where hardware clock not recognized by some configurations
    • Added Device Drivers --> Character devices --> <*> Enhanced Real Time Clock Support (legacy PC RTC driver)
    • x64 ISO using 3.0.4 (no expected improvement)


  • Corrected bug where ./mineos_console command server <command> failed to execute.
  • Recompiled iptraf for x64, which for reasons unknown did not execute properly


  • pigmap now renders all worlds (tested bukkit and vanilla)
    • ./ pigmap <servername>
      • incremental/full automatically chosen based on .diff/.md5 files created in server base dir
  • added more paths / formatting to disk usage on server overview
    • added /var/www/hiawatha/pigmap
    • added /usr/games/minecraft


  • pigmap changed from nice'd to ionice'd


  • Changed canarymod behavior to include extraction of most* files to each serverdir.
    • Does not copy version.txt to run server in tainted mode (server raises checksum errors)
    • Added ./mineos_canary update_canary <servername>
      • This is essential for copying newly updated and extracted files from a new canary release
  • Reduced 'start' refresh time to 15 seconds (from 25) since subsequent (non-initial spawn) starts typically take much less time


ISO release: 9-15-11

  • Corrected bug: new installations of canary (canarymod.jar not in /usr/games/minecraft) prevented Create New Server from appearing
  • Corrected bug: choosing a non-standard named .jar file from 'create new server' did not properly save into server.config
  • Created umurmur add-on
  • Added php-mbstring package to ISO (for phpMyAdmin)


  • Corrected bug: new installations of canary might not properly extract CanaryMod.jar
  • Corrected bug: list_players did not always return a proper list
  • Added [online-players]/[max-players] to 'status' page
  • Added gamemode (survival/creative) and difficulty (0-3) to 'create new server'
  • Minor change to formatting of 'server overview'


  • Corrected bug: could not import if archive had a broken symlink


  • Change to Canary handling. Now extracts all files from blindly on each server start. In addition, also deletes version.txt every time to force 'tainted' mode. This is a necessary change to make both CROW and CANARY work with the same commands and with recent minecraft_server.jar updates.


ISO release: 10-2-11

  • Changed the flow of the installation media
    • Added ability to choose between ReiserFS, EXT3, EXT4 and (skip)
    • Added ability to opt out of formatting swap partition
    • Added ability to choose between LiLO, GRUB 0.97 and (skip) on x86 ISO
      • x86 grub uses familiar MineOS (microcore) splashscreen
      • x64 ISO does not have grub, but still has (skip) option
  • Included item-giveaway pages (blocks.html and items.html) to main distribution
  • Included mysql_create_user, update_mineos script in /root/runonce
  • Removed all existing addons from the ISO, but has it auto download from
  • Changed crontabs to run on * syntax rather than ID
  • Turned off canary downloads by default (can be enabled in web ui jar selection)
  • Added mineos repository to 'ports -u' upgrade, removed xorg repository
  • Added index.html as StartFile for /admin


ISO release: 10-7-11

  • /etc/lilo.conf and /boot/grub/ configs saved independent of bootloader selection
  • Added /usr/java/java-latest to PATH
  • Changed hiawatha StartFile default to index.php
  • Added static IP settings to /etc/rc.d/net (initially commented out)
  • Added phpbb settings to /etc/hiawatha/hiawatha.conf (initially commented out)


ISO release: 10-15-11

  • Installation media changes
    • Updated ISO kernel from 2.6 -> 3.1.0-rc9
  • Alternative installed kernel added (for virtualization)
    • Added most 'Experimental' drivers (but not 'very experimental')
    • Added KVM/Xen/lguest supported kernels
    • Added EFI support (no efi bootloader yet, however)
  • Changes to all kernels
    • Hardware support updated to 3.1.0-rc9
    • Firewire removed
    • 3.1.0-rc9 kernel headers included
    • Removed many obscure, unused algorithms
    • Added all RAID drivers as built-in
    • Added ipv4 tunneling


online-only release 2-16-12

  • Adjusted start() and stop() commands to check every 2 sec.
  • Throws error if server name contains apostrophes or spaces.
  • Changed update url in to '/crux/rsync/usr/games/minecraft/%s'
  • Added two additional commands to fix_permissions
    • chown -h root:root /var/www/hiawatha/snapshots
    • chown -R mc:games /home/mc/backups
  • Added -x argument to pigmap to let pigmap extend baseZoom if necessary (on large worlds)
  • Web-ui changes
    • Added 'Logs' to display /usr/games/mineos.log
    • Added level-type to 'create new server'
    • Added text to 'create new server' to not use space/non-alphanumerics & to open firewall ports on nonstandard ports.
    • Changed URLs in web-ui
      • Added Server Profiler link, removed link
      • MineOS URL changed to MineOS Wiki


online-only release 3-28-12

  • Bug corrected: removes 0[m from bukkit-only player list
  • Changed 'mcr' to 'mca' in Pigmap to support new Anvil format.


online-only release 4-19-12

  • Bug corrected: web-ui stopped working if a server lacked a server.config file (MineOS generated file)


online-only release 5-9-12

  • Absolutely nothing; re-versioned all files to match even if files don't change.


online-only release 5-30-12

  • Fixed 'unclean' issue because bukkit and tekkit both added Windows-style newlines instead of UNIX-style......

online-only release 5-25-12

  • Added pigmap arguments to mineos.config
    • Different arguments for pigmap full and pigmap incr
  • Added Tekkit support
    • Tekkit now has 5 new entries in mineos.config
  • Scripts will auto-update bukkit URL
  • Updated URL for mineos_update's


The kernel config has been updated online, but is not changed on the ISO:

  • Creating one kernel for all setups, rather than standard/virtualization
  • Added TUN/TAP support to kernel
  • Added Atheros Family drivers (EXP)
  • More Ethernet devices
  • More SATA drives
  • More USB devices
  • More native languages