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The default and recommended timezone for servers is UTC, which keeps the entire Linux world free from Daylight Saving Time confusion and other time mishaps. However, many admins (and their servers) do not need this level of compliance with timestamps and world time, so the timezone can be changed at any time:

Additional information about timezone setting: hwclock

Changing the CRUX Linux way

First, locate your respective timezone:

Next, edit edit the /etc/rc.conf file and replace 'UTC':


Changing with the timezone script

Using the timezone script is recommended, as it also updates the timezone in your php.ini file.

<syntaxhighlight> Type in the name of your timezone or your largest neighboring city. chicag

America/Chicago matched your input Setting timezone to America/Chicago

* /etc/rc.conf
* /etc/php/php.ini


The script will attempt to guess the best matches based on your input. If it finds only one close match, it will auto-select it and update the rc.conf and php.ini files automatically.

If there are several matches, you will be prompted to make the final decision:

<syntaxhighlight> The following timezones were found:

America/Jamaica Jamaica Which of these most accurately describes your timezone? </syntaxhighlight>

Skipping this section by forcefully quitting it or failing to enter a timezone will set your server to UTC.