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Installation issues

Boot issues

"error: couldn't mount because of unsupported optional features (240/244)"

This is more of a warning than an error. It occurs because the boot sequence attempts to read the boot partition with EXT3/EXT2, which is not the actual filesystem. It then continues by attempting ReiserFS/EXT4 and successfully locates the kernel. Since it gives the impression of an unclean installation, you can suppress these errors most easily by removing EXT3/EXT2 support in the kernel--neither filesystems will be used in MineOS. Otherwise, you can simply ignore it.

error: couldn't mount

Ports issues

Scripts issues

Connectivity issues

"Network error: Connection timed out" -- cannot SSH

SSH connection timed out

This can be caused for numerous reasons.

  1. Server is currently down
  2. attempting to connect to incorrect IP address
  3. Network routing not set up
  4. SSH server not enabled/inbound connections not allowed
  5. sshd (SSH background daemon process) not running
  6. iptables (firewall) prohibiting connection