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This wiki page lists experimental features. This means they have not yet been rigorously tested and have significant implications about script performance/stability. This does not mean the scripts are suddenly dangerous to your worlds and servers, but substantial changes to the code base can always have unforeseen bugs, even if minor; I have tried to list the scope of the changes and the possible affected areas below.



STATUS: Merged fireworm_tracking branch

This branch searches for all directories at webui start-up time and automatically skips them from being watched. This is in response to the fact that the directories 'do not need to be watched', but are anyway, and can cause CPU hangup and memory bloat (from trivial/non-noticeable to crippling the webui).

The worst that could happen: Issue is simply not resolved because fireworm tracker doesn't operate as expected.

Developer reassurances: I don't think anything looks wrong with this that could cause any adverse behaviors.

When to feel comfy it is working OK: If the webui doesn't slow down to a crawl like it used to, it works.


STATUS: Merged ftbinstall branch

This branch searches for the presence of and if found, it will reveal a new button on the 'server at a glance' page, allowing execution of right from the webui.

The worst that could happen: You get an error in the webui that you don't understand when hitting the button.

Developer reassurances: This seems pretty safe to me. Right now, it's hard coded to use /bin/sh (which is what the underlying script wants) and it runs it as an unprivileged user, so adverse impact seems pretty minimized.

When to feel comfy it is working OK: If after a short while (unfortunately it doesn't announce success yet), you see new files populate in the Live server directory (or in the dropdowns) then you know the script executed.

changing git branches

Depending on the feature you are trying to add, the below fireworm_tracking may be a different branch. Each above section has highlighted what branch you will switch to.

what to do if something feels wrong

Preferably, if you can, please send me the traceback/errors you have in /var/log/mineos.log or any other information you find pertinent. If you're in extra panic mode, the way to restore the stable scripts is similar to resetting the scripts.