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This wiki page lists experimental features. This means they have not yet been rigorously tested and have significant implications about script performance/stability. This does not mean the scripts are suddenly dangerous to your worlds and servers, but substantial changes to the code base can always have unforeseen bugs, even if minor; I have tried to list the scope of the changes and the possible affected areas below.


phar (pocketmine server)

STATUS: Pending phar branch

This branch opens up a new server type, php_phar, to accommodate the PocketMine server for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This branch is not even close to production quality, but it doesn't seem dangerous at all.

The worst that could happen: One or more pages may not render the dynamic data in the web-ui.

Developer reassurances: Each page that renders dynamic data has to be individually modified in the Python source, but I feel confident I have 100% of them.

When to feel comfy it is working OK: After a while, when I figure out all the nuances and special configs behind PocketMine.


STATUS: Merged in with PR #98

This branch explicitly disables ajax caching by decorating each call with an expires header, cache-control, etc.

The worst that could happen: One or more pages may not render the dynamic data in the web-ui.

Developer reassurances: I tried it in FF, IE11, and Chrome. No issues arose.

When to feel comfy it is working OK: If each page shows the data you're expecting, all is well.


STATUS: Merged in with PR #79

This branch adds the "stop and backup" option to the web-ui (and also to CLI) which synchronously (as opposed to normal async) stops a server and then initiates a backup and waits until the backup completes before returning control.

The worst that could happen: If attempting to stop a server with the new "Stop and Backup", but the server itself hangs (and would have, anyway), the web-ui will block (be non-responsive) indefinitely. Killing the minecraft process manually (outside the webui) will fix the issue and restore web-ui operation.

Developer reassurances: You can just not use the 'stop and backup' button, and everything else will stay the same.

When to feel comfy it is working OK: If your servers always close gracefully when told to (using the 'stop' buttons or typing it into the console), this will always work.

For ramdisk configurations

Update: this tweak is still relevant for users who wish to use ramdisks (not recommended to do so!). This is in addition to using a current web-ui commit.

This tweak is designed for admins utilizing ramdisks, where the backup is an absolute necessity before restarts. In your /etc/init.d/minecraft initscript, change line #34:



python $SCRIPTPATH/$SERVER -d $DATAPATH stop_and_backup


STATUS: Implemented into master branch with git pull 35

Auto restarting the server can now be done at any interval, the same as archive/backups. To enable this feature, switch to the commitdelay git branch and add the following attribute to your server.config: [crontabs] restart_interval. A value of 0 will mean daily reboots. To make it more manageable, refreshing the server.config pane will automatically transform the textbox into a descriptive dropdown.

The worst that could happen: crontab-related functions error out and fail

Developer reassurances: manual backup/archiving is absolutely 100% intact and working.

When to feel comfy it is working OK: During testing of this branch, it is recommended to check the success of your next few scheduled backup/archive. If you do hourly backups and the upcoming hourly backup succeeds, everything probably will work out fine from then on. To be on the safe side, if you create or remove a server, I'd suggest checking the success of the upcoming backup again, as well.

changing git branches

Depending on the feature you are trying to add, the below commitdelay may be a different branch. Each above section has highlighted what branch you will switch to.

root@core ~# cd /usr/games/minecraft
root@core games/minecraft# git fetch
remote: Counting objects: 14, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (11/11), done.
remote: Total 14 (delta 4), reused 13 (delta 3)
Unpacking objects: 100% (14/14), done.
 * [new branch]      commitdelay -> origin/commitdelay
root@core games/minecraft# git checkout commitdelay
Switched to branch 'commitdelay'

what to do if something feels wrong

Preferably, if you can, please send me the traceback/errors you have in /var/log/mineos.log or any other information you find pertinent. If you're in extra panic mode, the way to restore the stable scripts is similar to resetting the scripts; notice the git checkout master.