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umurmur is a voip client, like Ventrilo or Teamspeak.

uMurmur is a minimalistic Mumble server, separate from but compatible with the standard Mumble server (known as murmur). Due to its goals of having a lower footprint and keeping all the base functionality, uMurmur is ideal for running alongside a Minecraft server.

Downloading and building uMurmur

First, update the latest MineOS scripts from the web-ui. Then, execute the addon installation script:

This will build umurmur and all its dependencies (libconfig, protobuf, protobuf-c). This process will take more than a few minutes and will also create a user/group called umurmur:umurmur.


uMurmur operates on port 64738 for both UDP and TCP. Follow the steps in the iptables page to open these ports and save them to the default firewall configuration.

Auto-starting umurmurd on boot

  1. Edit the startup services config file: vi /etc/rc.conf
  2. Append umurmurd at the end of the start-up services list.
  3. Save and quit with :wq
Adjusted /etc/rc.conf