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If you would like additional users on your system, you can create them using the useradd command.

Creating a new group

Creating a new user

Understanding the command

<syntaxhighlight lang="bash"> useradd -g groupname -M -s loginshell username </syntaxhighlight>

useradd - program that creates a new user
-g groupname - auto-adds user to existing groupname
-s loginshell - login shell for user
username - the username to create


If you wish to keep the mc user relatively private (since it is a sudo user), but wish to allow access to Minecraft files and directories, you can create additional users under the group games.

Any combination (or all) of the above chmod commands can be executed depending on what 'write' access you wish to grant to these additional users.

A new user (such as the above mcusertwo) can also be given shutdown and reboot privileges.