MineOS: Usage stats

a quick breakdown of how administators use MineOS

user retention

Defining a "continued user" of MineOS is difficult--one is not truly a user simply by trying out an install and then prompty abandoning it, nor can it be well measured by an arbitrary amount of time using MineOS. The following pie graph demonstrates how long an ip address continues to report the server is in use: (you can mouse over slices to get the user counts)

Administrators who use MineOS for a week or less are not likely continued users of MineOS; at less than a week, an administrator was likely trying to overcome the Linux/MineOS learning curve, but opted out.

The following is a plot chart showing specific numbers about length of time an ip address uses MineOS:

These charts omit data about users who only try MineOS for less than one week. These users who simply open MineOS but never return would skew the data and make the charting unmanageable. For your curiosity, however, as of 2/25/2014, there have been 4300 less-than-one-day users.

measuring webui activity

These numbers are calculated by a timestamped tally which occurs each time the web-ui starts up the CherryPy daemon. This means a tally happens for the following events:

The following chart shows all the tallies that have happened since this version of the web-ui has released.

Tallies themselves do not 1:1 correspond to numbers of users, as an admin may update the web-ui or reboot the server multiple times in a day. In addition, administrators may go days or weeks before reporting a new tally, so this chart may only be used usefully to show the trend of increasing tallies (simply suggesting increased usage).

platforms used

MineOS Turnkey (Debian-based) is the current leader in how the MineOS web-ui is utilized. However, the web-ui has been designed specifically to be used on different distributions and even different operating systems such as BSD. The following chart shows usage by operating system.

This next chart shows the architecture admins are using, such as x86_64, i686, ARM, etc.

And finally, the distribution of distributions running MineOS:

how/why information is collected

User stats are generated from the server.py script in the tally function. This script collects the information provided by the uname -a command in Linux. No sensitive data is saved (see the source code!), and the data collected is only used for this page. I assure you, nothing in this process could possibly compromise the security of your server (that's thanks to Free & Open Source Software!).

Since the MineOS web user interface operates on git--without this function--it would be impossible to track the usage of MineOS. Knowing the usage statistics is essential for me to justify continuing to work on this project; for example, if donations were a metric of usage, development would have ceased years ago! Donations do not even cover the monthly hosting fee I pay for hosting ISOs and the wiki.

If you have any questions or requests about how this data can be presented, please don't hesitate to let me know!