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This project is created and maintained by William Dizon.

MineOS comprises two parts: a web user interface and the documentation/support facilities.

There have been many webui iterations: first, a bash management script, which eventually evolved into a Python web-based interface. Following that, it was re-imagined using nodejs (the current release) and finally the last (and likely final) version written in ruby.

Beyond that, MineOS is also a wiki and support forum to help MineOS users (and non-MineOS Minecraft server enthusiasts alike) in configuring servers for the whole stack: hardware planning, host configuration, server software compilation and execution, backups, and even direct Minecraft interfacing.

It is a labor of love which has been maintained since December 2010, with an outpouring of programming effort, technical support, and community involvement numbering in the thousands of hours. Helping admins across the world and having a piece of open-source software attain such wide usage globally is a satisfying venture, and I've been thrilled to be a part of it all.