Updating the Webui (python)

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The most current web user interface updates via git. Successfully updating the web-ui requires you to log in as root, via your server console or a SSH (PuTTy) session.

Updating scripts

Following these commands will update the 0.6.x to the most recent version and maintain changes (if any) you have made to the source. This is the preferred method, even if you do not edit code. This can be done at any time (whether the service is up or not) and even on a schedule. After updating the scripts, be sure to log out of the web-ui and back in.

Resetting scripts

If updating the scripts returns an error or otherwise fails to solve a web-ui problem, you can try resetting the scripts. This will discard any and all local changes to the source and ensure permissions are set properly.

The git reset command will let you know what commit the web-ui will be using:

<syntaxhighlight lang="bash"> root@core games/minecraft# git reset --hard origin/master HEAD is now at 1ef67f8 added 'delete server' functionality to server </syntaxhighlight>