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Note about virtualization software

Any virtualization software, e.g., KVM, VMWare, VirtualPC, is suitable for MineOS CRUX, but Virtualbox is my recommended suite, and thus most screenshots and instructions will refer to Virtualbox hardware and dialogs.

Installing Virtualbox

Though Virtualbox versions before 4.0 will work, I recommend at least 4.0.x to ensure that the virtualized hardware is consistent with the provided instructions and screenshots.

Creating a virtual machine

  1. 1. Create a new virtual machine
  2. 2. Give the vm a name and choose Linux 2.6 (or 64-bit)
  3. 3. Allocate memory to your vm--at least 512MB
  4. 4. Create a brand new hd
  5. 5. Choose dynamically expanding
  6. 6. Set the maximum capacity of the virtual hd

Modifying virtual machine settings

  1. 1. Adjust the settings of the vm
  2. 2. Choose the behavior of the network devices as bridged network
  3. 3. Attach the CRUX Linux iso to the IDE controller (secondary master)