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Please note, this web-ui exists for archival purposes and should not be used with the more modern version of MineOS, (July 2013 and beyond). The pages can be easily distinguished from eachother by the colorscheme (0.5.x is green--this page, whereas 0.6.x is white).

Opening the web user-interface

  1. Open your web browser of choice and connect to your server's IP address port via HTTP or HTTPS, (e.g.,
  2. At the password prompt, type in your chosen webui username and password
  3. enter the /admin directory
web admin interface -- log into the web ui at your ip address

Downloading Minecraft server jars

  1. Open your web browser and connect to your server's IP address port via HTTP or HTTPS
  2. Click the Overview Page tab
  3. Click 'Update' for a given server profile
web admin interface -- download server jars

Creating a new server

  1. Click 'Create New Server'
  2. Fill in the Minecraft settings as desired, taking special note of the 'profile' selected, as well as the memory allocated (java_xmx)
    It is recommended you fill in all applicable values, rather than relying on the defaults
web admin interface -- create new server

Starting and stopping a server

  1. Click the Server Status page
  2. Click 'start'/'stop' next to server name
web admin interface -- start a server

Updating MineOS webui

  1. Click the Overview tab
  2. Click 'Update & Use Stable' (or beta)
web admin interface -- Update the MineOS webui and python scripts

Importing an existing world from a different computer

See the dedicated page for importing a pre-existing world.

Changing the web-ui password

At any time, you can change the web-ui password via the /root/runonce/webui script.

script output:

Preferred web-ui login: <enter name>
Set the password for <name>:  <enter password>

A restart of the hiawatha webserver is required for the password change to take effect.

Note! While it is possible to have multiple username/password pairs to access the web-ui, this script assumes you will only use ONE, and replace all existing lines in the passwords file. For additional username/passwords, you must edit /etc/hiawatha/passwords manually as root.

MineOS Turnkey Method

On MineOS Turnkey, you can re-use the initial username/password setting mechanism: